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Dear Patient,

As you know, the Ontario health Insurance Plan (OHIP) pays for most of your medical visits here and at the clinic, however, some medical procedures and most administrative are not insured by OHIP.  These services are still provided by this office and can require significant time and resources to administer.  A few years ago we initiated a policy whereby the patient or requesting agency was charged for the uninsured services.  We are continuing this practice into 2019.  All fees are in accordance with the Ontario Medical Association fee guide, and, with the exception of a few minor changes, you will note that most fees have remained the same for the fourth year in a row.  You may see a detailed list below.                                                                                                          
As we have done in the past, patients may choose the option of paying a single annual fee which covers most things.  This is convenient if you know that you require regular prescriptions refills or forms filled out through the year.  There is no obligation to join this program.  If you choose to opt out of the annual fee program, you will be charged for individual uninsured items at the time the service is provided.  

See our description of fees below.

Regarding the issue of renewals of prescriptions without an office appointment:  If you sign up for the annual fee for uninsured services you will be covered for this service, otherwise, there is a charge for each prescription renewal request.  Please note that this charge will also apply to auto-faxed requests generated through your pharmacy.

You may sign up to renew your annual fee and pay ONLINE 

You may print the enrollment form and return it to us

with your payment

Our current technology will allow us to email our patients information such as this letter, and with your consent, appointment reminders, instructions or a requisition for a test you might need etc.  If you would like to receive email communication of this nature, please read and complete email consent form .  

We thank you for your support over the past year and look forward to providing you and your family ongoing health care in the coming years.
The Physicians of Uxbridge Health Centre

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