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3rd Wave Clinic Update

This wave is the most serious yet with the variants of concern posing a significant threat to our already overcrowded hospitals. Emergency surge plans are in effect and unfortunately, the situation is expected to worsen, before it gets better.


You may be wondering just how this may affect you and your healthcare in our own Uxbridge community. As patients of Uxbridge Health Centre you are blessed to be cared for by a team of highly skilled physicians and nurses along with a dedicated support group. Together they have all played a major role in the pandemic response. The demands on our physicians right now are many and they are stretched in all directions  As well as providing their usual care, which still includes daytime clinics, evening walk-in clinics, retirement home, long term care and palliative home visits, they have been working at the Covid assessment centres, delivering vaccines at the mass vaccination sites, and working extended shifts in the local emergency room and on the ward.  In addition to all of this, they are now being re-deployed to work in the Intensive Care Units to help care for the rising numbers of extremely ill Covid patients.


While we are committed to providing primary care to the best of our ability, we must focus where the need is greatest. This may affect your access to non-urgent primary care and we are asking for your help.


Effectively immediately we are asking our patients to be understanding that our services may have to be limited for a while:


  • Routine visits for non-urgent issues may have to wait

  • Non-urgent forms and queries may take a little longer for us to respond (as much as is possible avoid sending in forms until we are through wave 3 and complete your sections fully prior to dropping off or uploading on our system)

  • Our Walk-in clinics will continue to operate for all more urgent issues 

  • We will continue to perform all infant immunizations


We ask for your consideration of our staff, all of whom are working under significant pressure in an environment that changes almost daily coupled with staffing issues as some of our team members are off sick or isolating. Please be kind and respectful as we navigate the frustrations of Covid together.   


Finally, we understand that this message is disheartening and this has been a very long year.  It is certainly not a message we ever wanted to deliver, however, this is a further call to action. By staying at home, and following the guidelines of our leaders to the letter, each of you plays a vital role in assisting us to focus our attention on those who need us most.  Vaccinations are our way out of this and with these now well underway, you are helping us battle what will hopefully be the last wave of Covid-19


Rest assured we are here for you and  will continue to support your urgent health needs to the very best of our ability.  


We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



Physicians and staff 

Uxbridge Health Centre 

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