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How long will my child be sick?

Latest reports show that children  with common viral infections will be unwell longer than parents and caregivers would expect. Take note that the resolution of symptoms is NOT dependent on use of antibiotics. In other words, these illnesses have to take their course and get better on their own. Antibiotics are NOT needed.

50% of children will be well in .....

  • 2 days for Croup

  • 3 days for Earache with Ear Infection

  • 10 days for Common Cold (runny nose, cough, low grade temps)

  • 13 days for Bronchiolitis (viral "chest cold")

  • 10 days for Cough (without fever)

90% of children will be well in .....

  • 3 days for Croup

  • 6-7 days for Sore Throat (this is true even if it is Strep Throat)

  • 7-8 days for Earache with Ear Infection

  • 15 days for Common Cold (runny nose, cough, low grade temps)

  • 21 days for Bronchiolitis (viral "chest cold")

  • 25 days for Cough (without fever)

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