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Uninsured Services and Block Fee Payment

As you know, the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) pays for most of your medical visits however, some medical procedures and most administrative tasks are not covered by OHIP.  These services are still provided by this office and can require significant time and resources to administer.  In order to keep the flow of this work as efficient as possible, the patient or requesting agency will be charged for the uninsured services.   All fees are in accordance with the Ontario Medical Association fee guide, and a detailed list is included with this letter for your review. 


Patients may choose the option of paying a single, annual fee which covers most items on the attached list.  There is no obligation to join this program.  If you choose to opt out of the annual fee program, you will be charged for individual uninsured items at the time the service is provided. 


Regarding the issue of prescription renewals without an office appointment:  If you sign up for the annual fee for uninsured services, you will be covered for this service, otherwise, there is a $20.00 administrative charge for each prescription renewal request.  Please note that this charge will also apply to auto-faxed requests generated through your pharmacy.  Our physicians try their hardest to minimize the need for multiple renewals by providing the maximum supply of medication at the time of prescribing.

We thank you for your support over the past year and look forward to providing you and your family ongoing health care in the coming years.


To renew, or sign up for an annual fee payment, please download and fill in the following form and return it to the office with your payment. Or complete the digital form at the bottom of this web page. 

Annual Fee Coverage List

Fee List 2024-1.png

Annual Block Fee Form

Download and fill in this form, then mail it, fax it or bring it into our office. Alternatively, you can fill in the digital form below, and pay online with the appropriate button.

Our coverage plans are:

Individual - $120.00 

Senior (aged 65+) - $90.00 

Couple - $190.00 

Senior Couple - $150.00 

Family (children up to age 18 and/or full time students) - $225.00 

Block Fee Registration Form

Please fill in patient name and family doctor for all patients signing up for the block fee coverage. After pressing the blue submit button, you will be re-directed to a payment page where you can select the appropriate button to pay online.

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