Coronavirus COVID-19

Symptoms : Fever, Cough, Shortness of Breath, Sore Throat, Runny Nose, Lethargy 

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 : 
Stay home, do not go to the hospital or doctor's office. Complete the online,
self-assessment, call Telehealth (1-866-797-0000) or the Durham Public Health Department (1-800-841-2729) or, call your doctor's office for instructions and advice. 

Dr. Jensen & Dr. Wilson’s COVID-19 Update August 2020

If in Doubt - Check it Out!

Dr. Carlye Jensen & Dr. Jennifer Wilson (Uxbridge) and Dr. Rebecca Wray & Dr. Merrilee Brown (Port Perry ) are Directors of the new North Durham COVID Assessment Centre and are ready and waiting to swab YOU!

At this point in the pandemic, our strongest piece of advice to this community and region is simple: If in doubt, check it out ... get a COVID swab. Our ability to maintain the region’s excellent, low numbers of COVID cases and prevent a second wave will depend on our collective efforts to identify COVID quickly, isolate infected individuals, and trace contacts before they spread it to others. We will only be successful with this strategy if people get tested early -- well before they have had time to spread to multiple people in various environments.


We are excited to announce that, in collaboration with our colleagues in Port Perry, we will be opening a COVID ASSESSMENT CENTRE for all North Durham Residents. Yeah!  This assessment centre will make it easy for you to get a swab quickly, efficiently and close to home. It will be run by our medical staff in Port Perry and Uxbridge.  Here are the details:

What:  The North Durham COVID Assessment Centre (NDCAC) purpose:

  • a drive-in COVID testing centre that is close to home. (burgers and movie not included!)

  • a safe place where a doctor can assess you if you are sick with COVID or other viral symptoms but are not sick enough to go to the ER. Perhaps you need a rapid test to rule out strep throat. Perhaps your child has an ear infection but, due to fever, cannot be safely seen in your doctor’s office. Come see us at NDCAC.

  • a place your family physician can refer you for assessment if you cannot be seen in their office due to COVID symptoms.

  • a way to avoid the emergency room.


Where:   Prince Albert Hall.  19 Jeffery St, Prince Albert, ON   (just south of Port Perry)  


When:  Monday -Thursday 12-8 pm; Friday/Sat/Sun 12-4 pm beginning August 4th.

Who:  You, your neighbour, your friend, your Uncle, your Mom...everyone! You must be 12 months of age or over.  


  • you have any symptom of COVID (even if you are pretty sure it is just allergies or a cold, it is best to check it out).

  • you may have been exposed to COVID (you definitely should have a test).

  • you feel fine but did not follow public health guidelines and were in a large group, or did not abide by distancing rules (no happens...but now get the test).

  • you want to be sure you do not have COVID before visiting grandma or going to the cottage with friends (again, no judgement).


How: Follow steps on this website: OR go to our website: and click the “Get a COVID Test” button.


So please — take your civic/public duty seriously! Be responsible by doing what you can to slow the spread. Keep 6’ distance whenever possible. Keep wearing your mask.  Keep your social bubble small. And…ensure you are COVID negative! Consider a nice drive in the country and come visit us in the lovely hamlet of Prince Albert. We are friendly and we are slick with the swab. Come as many times as you want — we will be happy to see you and your nose!


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