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Work in Ghana

Once a year the Uxbridge Health Centre takes part in a medical mission sending a team of doctors, nurses, dentists, optometrists, and other healthcare professionals to Ghana, West Africa where they open a two week health clinic. Upon hearing about the clinic, many people travel days, on foot, to see our medical team. We are incredibly proud of all they accomplish in those two weeks, seeing approximately 9000 patients who cannot afford the medical care which they need. In addition to the two week pop up clinic, GRID is building a fully equipped, 50 bed hospital In Carpenter, Northern Ghana, which will serve approximately 53,000 patients per year.
GRID (Ghana Rural Integrated Development), is a Canadian charity partnering with NEA (Northern Empowerment Association), run by David Mensah from Ghana, West Africa, and his wife Brenda, originally from Stouffville Ontario. Together with their national staff of 75, the Mensahs direct a sustainable, holistic development organization in impoverished communities in Northern Ghana.

GRID (Ghana Rural Integrated Development) is a North American Christian charitable organization that enables sustainable community development in Ghana. NEA (Northern Empowerment Association) is a Ghanaian Christian development organization that lives with and works among Ghana’s poor to alleviate poverty and transform communities.

November 2019 Mission

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